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Restoration Projects  ... a small showing of what we do.

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Westin Hotel - Re-Caulk


Sometimes all that is needed to retain value is a little maintenance. This was a big job to say the least but we removed the old caulk, then re-caulked all 864 pieces. 

First Evangelical Covenant Church -



This Church needed the extra light this small skylight provided. Unfortunately, time and heat destroyed the laminate which caused the glass to darken, blocking out the sunshine. We rose to the challenge and re-glazed the peak which returned the skylight to beautiful working order.

Golf Mill Mall - Re-Glaze


This mall had several skylights where the PVC Laminate turned brown from heat build-up. We restored their beauty by re-glazing them which brought value back to the mall.

Chicago Field Museum - Replacement


Established in 1893, the Field museum and it's artifacts are one of the oldest and most important institutions in the world. And when it came time to replace the massive skylight; we were able to devise a system that protected the building, artifacts, and patrons during the enormous project.

Widener Library - Harvard University - Replacement


This historic library houses some beautiful architecural dome skylights that have been protected for many years by copper and glass coverings. We matched the existing coverings retaining the original look and feel but adding strength and integrity so the dome's would be safe for years to come.

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