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Several floors of twists and turns, this handrail project straddles the line between function and art. Everything in this system is adjustable to fit many configurations.



Custom posts were fabricated to match the style and elegance of the impressive Lamborghini brand. The stainless steel finish flowed with the stainless steel storefront windows and the Lamborghini name on the wall.

Sherman Hospital Cancer Ctr.


This 4 story Custom Glass railing was designed with 1/2" Clear tempered glass with polished edges set in an aluminum base shoe. It includes a floating stainless steel handrail and a beautiful Maple top cap. The landings are curved continuing throughout the staircase.

Southland College Prep

This design is full of class and prestige, matching perfectly to the elegant feel of the wall panels. The students enrolled here can look forward to creating memories in these halls for years to come.

McCook Library

This customer wanted a "Floating Panel" look for their handrail project. We attached the panels to the stringer in a way that preserved strength but also retained the look they imagined.

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