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Custom Fronts

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The Entourage

This Art Deco inspired build out includes custom stainless steel doors, windows & sun shades. This project’s focal point is a  curtain wall  that simulates a martini shaker, with a clear anodized aluminum shaker cap crowning the top, that was installed as 1 piece.


This storefront project is sleek in style and  includes a cherry red glass interior wall which is the centerpiece of the room.

Guess 2

Our customer had us install the doors, glass, and all the black paneling that gives this store a cool vibe and makes it stand out from the competition sounding them.


This customer requested polished stainless steel throughout and a special Optiview non reflective glass so patrons could easily view merchandise from the outside. Very classy and perfect for Michigan avenue shopping.

Spectrum 3

This custom enclosure is

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